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Why linen is the ideal natural fabric for your child

  • Linen fabric breathes, much like human skin. In hot weather, linen texture keeps kids cool by absorbing moisture and deflecting heat, while in cool weather it retains body heat. Because it is absorbent and a good conductor of heat, linen fabric feels cool to the touch.
  • Linen is non-allergic. This makes it an ideal fabric for children's sensitive skin, and is especially good for those with skin conditions such as allergies and eczema because it is non-allergic and has a natural pH balance. It creates a great microclimate for skin.
  • Linen is antistatic. It is especially recommended for children who are sensitive to those scary static shocks.
  • Linen absorbs moisture well. It can absorb up to 20% or more of its own weight in moisture, while still feeling dry to the touch. Linen also absorbs the moisture rapidly, which makes it wonderful for bath-time.
  • Over time, linen becomes softer and even more comfortable. Linen resists wear and tear much better than other fibers, so it will last longer than garments accessories made from cotton or artificial fabrics.
  • Linen resists stains like no other fabric and is completely washable at both high and low temperatures, without losing any of its excellent properties, texture or shape.
  • Best of all, linen is eco-friendly!. It comes from flax and every part of the plant is used. The linen production process is sustainable and does not cause any harm to nature.